Honouring taste, nutrition and the earth. All in one bite.

We believe in the power of food. Especially the flavour-packed, earth-friendly power of plant-based food. It’s a mouthful, but a mouth-watering one.

Strawberry Banana Coconut Yogurt Alternative
New in the family

Strawberry and Banana Coconut Yogurt-Style

We’ve got good new(s)! We’ve remixed the original Silk Coconut Cultured Yogurt-Style you know and love with strawberry and banana for an extra punch of oh-my-god-that’s-so-goooood deliciousness.

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Good for you!

We’re loud, proud and plant-powered!

Rock the plant-based moustache. We make every single Silk product dairy-free and tastebud-approved. Each of our bases are unique and full of flavour. Not only are our plant-based products good for you, they’re also just plain goooood.

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Why Silk?


Since the beginning, our goal has been to make products that are good for you (and everyone else!) We know we’re not perfect, but we’re passionate about doing right by the planet. To us, goodness is that trifecta of taste, nutrition and planet preservation. Learn more about our plant-powered revolution – it’s a tasty one!

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Our sustainable mission


The small changes we make for the better, they add up, especially when it comes to protecting and preserving our planet. That’s why we strive to make plant-based lifestyles accessible to everyone – one flavour-packed product at a time.

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Ever heard the phrase “look and you shall find”? Well, we’re talking “crave and you shall find” with our Find Silk Near You page.

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