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Bring your coffee craft to the next level with Silk Barista. Made for all coffee beverages; froth, flavour, or blend an aromatic cup every time. Made by baristas for baristas, it is formulated to pair effortlessly with espresso and coffee. Not only for the professionals, any amateur coffee lover can use this nutty plant-based barista to bring your at-home to another level.

About almond products Made for Baristas by Baristas

Silk Barista elevates the coffee craft through quality ingredients and smooth texture. Built for heat and acidity, it is made to pair with espresso and coffee. This barista holds only a subtle almond flavour to respect the power of the bean. With its smooth and consistent foam; frothed, warmed, and served hot, Silk Barista holds up to the many forms. But you don’t need to be a craftsman to enjoy Silk Barista, it’s also made for the perfect quality coffee at home. Whether simply adding it to your morning dose of caffeine or used to elevate your lattes, it’s the perfect pairing.

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