When it comes to good food or a good planet, we don’t think it should be a choice. On top of great taste, every Silk product pays it back to the earth with water conservation initiatives, is wrapped in sustainable packaging and are Non-GMO certified- plus we help our pollinator friends keep buzzing. Our beverages have significantly lower carbon footprint than Canadian dairy milk. In fact, the greenhouse gas emissions are 47% lower1. Go ahead, indulge yourself and the planet too!
1      From ISO 14040/44/46 independently reviewed 2021 Life Cycle Assessment based on 2018 product data comparing cradle-to-grave footprint of one half-gallon consumed of average Silk plant-based beverage to Canadian conventional dairy milk. Average Silk footprint from weighted 2021 production of all Silk conventional half gallon beverages distributed in Canada, including 2022 forecast of Silk Nextmilk and excluding almond-coconut blend.

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Water conservation


The idea is simple enough: Save water. Save the environment. We’re careful to minimize our water consumption and we also balance all the water used in our manufacturing facilities to make all our products, restoring it back to nature. We support water restoration efforts across the country, including a groundwater recharge program in drought-stricken California (where our almonds grow!) and Change the Course, an organization working to preserve the ecological health of the Colorado River basin.

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Planet lovers, did you know Silk Gable top containers are made from plants and 100% recyclable plastic to ensure freshness? We use carton that comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. There’s no need to feel empty when you finish a Silk carton. In fact, you can give it a second life by recycling it! Silk’s cartons, creamer bottles and cups for yogurt style are fully recyclable. Our packaging comes with easy-peasy How2Recycle instructions on it because our packaging was made for the planet – not the landfill. For more, visit

Supporting pollinators


To bee or not to bee. For us, the answer’s obvious. Not only are we committed to making as many bee puns as possible, we strive to go bee-yond with our commitment to supporting pollinators. We’ve planted more than 25 linear miles of drought-resistant, flowering native California hedgerow plants on the orchards owned by the family who supplies our almond butter. These little flowers-that-could don’t just support the bees. These flowering living fences – which grow wild rose, coyote bush, wild lilac, elderberry and more – also support a huge range of songbirds, butterflies, raptors and other wildlife! Be(e) a saviour! Savour your Silk.

To further its commitment to more sustainable practices, Silk will source 100% of its almonds from growers who follow the best practices of the Bee Better certification by 2025.

Silk partnered with PATTISON Outdoor Advertising for a buzzing initiative. With the support of a research team at Université de Montreal, PATTISON Outdoor advertising and Silk installed Bee hotels (houses made of local wood that will allow pollinators to rest and reproduce) on 10 of their outdoor locations in Montreal to study native bee populations and pollination around the billboards. This project takes part in a sustainable development process to benefit biodiversity.

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Our promise


For more than 15 years, we’ve brought you simply delicious food. And the philosophy behind it is simple, too: Start with ingredients that are grown responsibly, and keep them as close to nature as we can. Today more than ever, we want you to know exactly what that means.

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About us


Time to clear the air. Everyone has a footprint, even plant-based pioneers. Like all food production practices – farming, manufacturing, storage and distribution – the production of Silk generates some degree of greenhouse gas emissions. We’re not perfect and we know it. That’s why we’re constantly working on improving our distribution logistics and sourcing to limit our impact.
As part of our commitment to improvement, we’re proud to support ALUS Canada’s New Acre Project, a Canadian initiative that’s dedicated to giving oxygen back. Through New Acre Project, Silk invests in nature-based solutions to enhance Canadian community wetlands, improve riparian buffer zones and expand wildlife habitats to produce cleaner air, cleaner water and more biodiversity. Let’s do this!

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