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Plant-based beverages: dairy-free goodness

Welcome to the future of plant-based with Silk NextmilkTM. We used our special flavor-matching savviness to make a delicious plant-based beverage that tastes so tasty and creamy, you won’t even believe it!

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Introducing every breakfast’s partner in crime. Rich and smooth, our almond plant-based drinks bring guilt-free goodness to every taste.

About almond products It all begins with the tasty little almond

Go nuts, without the guilt.

With their delicate flavour, our creamy almond products are perfectly poised to become your morning’s new best friend.

Is it a beverage? Is it a snack? You can drink it straight up, shake it into smoothies or swirl it into your favourite pancake recipe. Just wait and see how naturally you’ll start reaching out for our plant-based beverage.

And so begins a mouthwatering story…

Our delicious almond beverages start with non-GMO project compliant almonds grown in North America. Only the nuts that match our stringent standards for size, density and colour make the cut. Simply impossible to resist. We’ve tried!



The mystery of how we get our dairy-free products to be so creamy isn’t a hard nut to crack. We carefully select, roast and grind our premium cashews into butter, infusing our plant-based drinks with a hit of deliciousness.

About cashew beverages The unique creaminess of cashews

We’re totally nutty for cashew beverages!

Need some ideas? You can substitute cashew beverages in any of our recipes. It’s so smooth and creamy that it feels indulgent – we know! But our plant-based beverages have less than a hundred calories per serving. We couldn’t believe it either! So skip the guilt, and feel free to pour it over cereal, use it in recipes or guzzle it straight from the carton.

Get the inside scoop.

We carefully select our cashews to guarantee the highest quality and flavour. Then we roast and grind them into butter, which is used to make our deliciously smooth cashew beverage.

Every glass is packed with calcium, and fortified with vitamins, but has absolutely no cholesterol and is low in saturated fat. It’s a bit of work, but it’s 100% worth it for every precious drop of creamy cashew goodness.

Like all Silk products, our plant-based beverages are enrolled in the Non-GMO Project Product Verification Program and proudly display the seal on their packs. We’ll drink to that!



The irresistible taste of Silk® Coconut products are just wild enough to make you feel like you’re splurging, yet tame enough to have straight up.

About coconut products The tempting taste of coconut

Snack, main course, dessert? You decide.

It’s unreal how easily this delicious drink slips into your everyday routines. The subtle nutty taste adds a flavourful twist to your favourite recipes – from muffins and smoothies, to curries and soups.

Bringing the taste of the tropics to your fridge

From their shaggy shells to their creamy white insides, coconuts are pretty amazing. So, when we make our plant-based drinks, we don’t see the point of changing too much.

We start by collecting non-genetically engineered coconuts from farmers throughout sunny Indonesia and Thailand. After the fruit is husked and halved, we gently press its pulp to release its melt-in-your-mouth cream. Are you in coconut heaven yet?



It isn’t magic (soy) beans that make our plant-based beverages and creamers instant classics. It’s the care and attention to detail we infuse in every single sip.

About soy beverages and creamers The simple smoothness of soy

What dairy-free dreams are made of…
Give any of your favourite recipes an upgrade with a splash of Silk®. Feel free to swap our plant-based beverage for milk cup for cup in almost any dish or drink, from creamy soups to tempting desserts. You’ll love the taste of dairy-freedom.
Soy rich isn’t it? Your taste buds won’t know what hit them!

Perfectly scrumptious, absolutely GMO-free.
Every delectable drop of Silk® soy begins with whole-harvested soybeans. Starting with the whole bean allows us to preserve all of that nature-intended goodness.
We take extra care to select only the high-quality beans grown without genetic engineering, right here in North America. Then, we press the beans in filtered water, and remove the insoluble fibre while preserving the protein and other components. Getting thirsty?



Our creamy dreamy, oat plant-based drinks and creamers are infused with richness and packed with nutrients. Or is it the other way around? T-oat-ally addictive either way.


Rediscover everyday pleasures.

Modeled after the creaminess of milk, our oat base tastes so delicious, you might forget there’s no moo in it. Transform your morning coffee, your yogurt bowl or your smoothies, and never look back.

A plant-based beverage that’s oat of this world!

Free of dairy, carrageenan, artificial flavours and colours, it’s oaty deliciousness that goes with anything. To celebrate nature, we support water restoration drop-for-drop, giving back what we used to grow our delicious oats.

Because what’s deliciousness without environmental goodness?

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