Why Silk?


It’s official! Our plant-based line-up is all grown up. Silk has matured as a brand, but don’t worry – we’ve kept true to our roots. We’ll always be cheerleaders for a better planet. Gooooo sustainability! Each and every day, we’re still working hard to make the world a healthier, tastier place for everyone.

Why Silk
About Us


Since day one, we’ve always been champions of flavourful, good-for-you plant-based foods and beverages. Silk is dedicated to helping all Canadians fall in love with nutritious, sustainable, dairy-free alternatives. Whether you’re vegan or a die-hard burger fan, we want to make mealtime even more delicious for you. And believe us, it gets real delish.

Our Story


Silk’s humble beginnings started all the way in Boulder, Colorado, where our founder started experimenting with the possibilities of soy. We went from fringe to the fridges of thousands upon thousands of Silk lovers. And we’re still here and growing every day, because tasty and nutritious is a formula that can’t be beat. And we’ve only just begun.

Our Story


Not to brag, but we sure know how to make plants taste amazing. Ok, a bit of a brag. We can’t help being proud of all this deliciousness. Our secret to success? It’s settling for nothing less than that mmm-factor in every bite. We’re also showing some mmmega love for our superstar planet by supporting bee populations and water conservation initiatives.

How we ensure sustainability

Plant Pioneers

Our path

Our plant-based lineup may have changed since the early days, but our commitment to making the world a healthier place has never wavered.

  1. 1977
    Think Boulder!

    That’s what we did back in 1977. And Boulder, Colorado welcomed us with open arms. In fact, we even caught the eye of a local investor who gave us a $2,000 to fund our little start-up. It was the kickstart we needed to experiment with all kinds of plant-based foods. And it paid off BIG TIME. In less time than it takes to say “plant-based goodness”, people were lining up to snap up and wolf down our delicious and innovative creations.

  2. 2002
    Hey Canada!

    Silk first crossed the border back in 2002. It didn’t take us long to make a whole lot of new friends. Today, we’re Canada’s #1 plant- based beverage brand. You’ll find us all across this great, big beautiful country. So much so that Canada has one of the highest numbers of households consuming plant- based beverages in the world. Now that’s what we call the power of plants!

  3. Unsweetened Original Almond Beverage

    When Silk met Almonds

    We opened our doors to almonds and we never looked back! With carefully roasted almonds ground into an oh-so-smooth almond butter, we created our newest Silk staple. And we’re nuts for it!

  4. 2011
    Hello, Creamers and Coconut Beverages!

    The Silk family keeps on growing! We expand our superstar plant-based roster with two delicious additions: For Coffee and our range of coconut-based beverages.

  5. 2014
    Spoonable Dairy Free Yogurt Style

    Here’s the scoop on our dairy-free yogurt style: made with creamy almond and coconut bases, they’re the perfect pre-, post- or during- mealtime snack. Silk yogurt-style is here to help you get your snack on!

  6. 2017
    WhiteWave Foods

    WhiteWave Foods, including Silk, is acquired by Danone to become Danone North America.

  7. 2018
    Certified B Corporation

    Danone Canada becomes a certified B Corporation.


    The ultimate oat-venture!

    We brought a whole new meaning to the words ‘creamy and craveable’ with the creation of Silk oat! Filled with oatty goodness, this highly versatile beverage lineup goes with pretty much everything – coffee, cereal, smoothies, you name it!

  9. Original Cashew Beverage

    New look. Same Silk.

    Recognize us? Silk transforms – but only our look. We’ve got a bold new look, one that reflects the exact same taste you know and love.

  10. Silk-Barista-Oat

    Elevate your coffee craft with Silk Barista range

    Introducing the new Silk Barista, made by baristas for baristas. With smooth and consistent foam, you can froth, swirl, and pour for perfect quality coffee.

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