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Cooking with Silk
Cooking with Silk

Quick Tips & tricks

Swirled in a smoothie or simmered in soup, Silk is right at home in the kitchen. In fact, you can substitute Silk for dairy milk, cup for cup, in almost any recipe.

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  1. Bring the heat… Carefully

    Like milk, Silk will scorch if cooked at too high a temperature and can form a skin when heated. Stir constantly and use moderate heat for best results.

  2. Add a Little Thickener

    Because most Silk beverages are low in saturated fat, they require a little extra thickener to set up properly in puddings and custards. Add 3 tablespoons cornstarch to any pudding recipe. The proof is in the pudding!

  3. Sip It-Don’t Whip It

    Silk for Coffee doesn’t contain enough fat to whip up like dairy cream, so you can skip the whip. Instead, drizzle it over fresh fruit or cobbler for an added bite of deliciousness!

  4. Find your Flavor

    Silk Unsweetened Original is our most neutral Silk, suitable for almost any recipe. Silk Original brings a hint of sweetness and is an addition to most cooking occasions.

  5. Fridge over freezer

    Freezing Silk isn’t recommended for storage because the consistency and taste can deteriorate when thawed. Hot tip:, Silk might not freeze, but it’s the perfect partner for frozen desserts. Jazz up any icy treat, from fruity popsicles to Granita.

  6. Sweeten your Treats

    Silk Vanilla and Silk Chocolate bring extra festive flavour to desserts and breakfast treats.

  7. Some simply simple swaps

    A few of our favourite ways to enjoy Silk.
    Slurp, sip or chug a power smoothie: Silk is primed to blend with all your favourite fruits. It’ll come out smooth as…Silk! Level up comfort food: Swap Silk for milk in mashed potatoes, creamy soups and other cozy dishes.
    Wake up with Silk: Use Silk in breakfast treats like muffins, pancakes and French toast for an early-morning, feel-good treat. Dress up your greens: Add a splash of Silk to salad dressing for a creamy effect.

  8. Whip up a smarter smoothie

    If you are looking for a way to cut down on fat while loading up on flavour use Silk Vanilla almond beverage in your smoothie! Whether you’re a green smoothie die-hard or a strawberry- banana lover, a creamy glug adds a perfect touch of sweetness.

  9. Make it an oatmeal morning

    Turn into a morning person with a swirl of Silk Unsweetened vanilla almond beverage in your oatmeal. It can be a way to save on calories and max out on flavour with a delectable hint of vanilla flavour. Talk about a good morning!

  10. Wake up on the tasty side

    Introduce your morning cereal to their perfect match: Silk unsweetened soy beverage. At 90 calories a serving, it’s doing the most with a creamy flavour.

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